About Us

You don't deserve to stress over the wedding plans. Not when you can hire a Wedding Pop wedding planner to do it all for you.

When you hire one of our planners, you will get the wedding of your dreams. It will be a day to enjoy at the time, with minimal stress or worries. Afterwards, you will be able to look back on photos and remember it for all the good things that happened.

Make Vendor Selection Easier

Part of wedding planning is going through various vendors and choosing the right one for you. You don't want to spend hours doing all that, especially when a wedding consultant can already narrow down the list for you. Our planners have worked with most of the vendors in the industry, whether you're looking for the perfect DJ or a florist to create an amazing bouquet.

With our help, we will keep the vendor selection as easy as possible. We can also help to keep the cost down. Your wedding planner will have a professional relationship with the various vendors making negotiation much easier and achievable.

We Want to Create Your Perfect Day

Every couple is different and we understand that 100%. Over the years, we've learnt to listen to our couples and find out more about them. By doing this, we can create the perfect wedding day for the specific pair.

That's just how we will work with you. We'll sit down with the two of you to find out everything. We want to know your backgrounds, how you met and your personalities and styles. From there, your wedding planner will be able organise the day of your dreams.

You deserve to be happy, which is where Wedding Pop comes in. With our years of experience, we will take the guesswork and stress out of wedding planning. You will get the perfect day you deserve.